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please pray for me BRIDGET to score excellent marks and A+ FOR MY SA1 exams starting from 23rd sep-2nd oct.pray for me to score full marks for maths,science,social and english.pray for me to study well and to be class first.
- bridget [Posted On : 06-Sep-2014 01:28 AM]
Matheve enik nalla oru joli kittane ethrayum pettennu
- SEBIN [Posted On : 01-Sep-2014 09:31 PM]
I beg you to help me get a stable job with income that gives financial freedom and great peace of mind.
- shiny [Posted On : 01-Sep-2014 08:05 PM]
Muthiyamme, l beg your powerful intercession at the time of surgery of my son.kindly shower your mercy on us to get100% cure after surgery.kindly remove all obstacles.kindly bless the medical team.
- jomole [Posted On : 30-Aug-2014 08:03 PM]
to get attest my certfic from Kuwait embassy ..I beg u.....mother Mary....tre is nothing in front of u...
- bini [Posted On : 30-Aug-2014 03:50 AM]
Pray for me and my brother to get good marriagee proposals. Pray for me to get a secured job with good salary. Pray for happiness in my family. Pray for my father to get well oof the pain in his hand after surgery.
- Arun Alex [Posted On : 27-Aug-2014 09:19 PM]
Amma,please help me and shower your mercy on todays issue.
- jomol [Posted On : 26-Aug-2014 06:10 PM]
Please help me mathave.I beg your powerful intercession to do the surgery this week itself. Please the doctor the kindness to do the surgery this week. I beg your mercy to remove all obstacle to do the surgery.please help me in the tough situation.
- jomol [Posted On : 26-Aug-2014 05:05 AM]
ente muthyamme pls pray for my family.enikkethire pravarthikkunna oru vyakthykku vendi prarthikaname.ente kuttam paranju nadakunna avarku athu nirthan manasu thonnaname.
- anu [Posted On : 25-Aug-2014 07:06 PM]
ente muthi amme ,pls pray for my family.ente kudumbathil santhoshavum samadhanavum undakaname.enikkethire oru vykthy eppalum dushtatha pravarthikkunnu.enne thakarkkan sramikkunnu.avarku vendi prarthikaname.avare ithil ninnum pinthirippikaname
- anu [Posted On : 25-Aug-2014 05:45 AM]
I beg your mercy to do the surgery of my son.please give the willigness to the doctor to do the surgery. Amma,you know my problems,if i am not able rejoin.please show me the mercy.please do a miracle in my problems. I promise,if doctor perform the surgery before we are leaving,i will offer a holy mass.
- jomol [Posted On : 21-Aug-2014 10:28 AM]
Pray for my family.Pray for me to get a new job in Pune.Pray for my wife and daughter.Pray for my daughter education and her future.Pray for my servical sprondylotis problem.Pray for me to get a calm mind.Pray for my family.
- Paul Varghese [Posted On : 20-Aug-2014 06:19 PM]
ente muthiyamme kunjumakkalude practical exam eluppamullathayirikkuvaan vendi amme prarthikkanamee. ammayodu paranjathupole njangal vakku palichallooo. nattil vannappol ammayude aduthu vannu ammaye kanan kazhinjathil othiri santhoshamund. aviduthe kunjumakale avidunnu passakkanamee. iniyum varumpol njangal avide vannu thirivilakku kathicholaam amme. ente kunjine kaividalleee. njangalude kannuneerine marrikadannu pokalleee ente muthiyammeee. athupole njangalude makanu daivabhayamulla oru penkuttiye jeevithapankali aayi kittuvan vendi amma prarthikkaname. ethanu anuyojyamennu prarthichu oru theerumaanam edukkuvaan amma njangale sahaayikkanameeee ammeee. amme nandi. vanakkam.
- Mini [Posted On : 18-Aug-2014 12:06 AM]
Easo Mishihaikku Stuti...AMME I wanted to buy a small rubber estate around Kuravilangadu. AMME I am submitting my humble prayers for realising this long pending Dream. Pls submit my prayers to JESUS, WHO WILL NEVER DENY YOUR PRAYERS
- Dinesh Abu Dhabi [Posted On : 17-Aug-2014 04:56 AM]
- MAYA MATHEW [Posted On : 13-Aug-2014 01:45 AM]
Mother Mary...I need a job, its been years i am waiting for a good job, please bless me mother so that i can get a job very soon. I am very much worried, please help me mathave...
- Divya [Posted On : 12-Aug-2014 12:47 AM]
This ginumol.from Dubai.staff nurse.with your prayer please add my prayer that to get a job.
- ginumol [Posted On : 09-Aug-2014 04:37 AM]
Pray for my health cervical sprondylosis problem.Pray for my wife and daughter.Pray for getting a new job in pune for me and my wife.Pray for my daughter education and future.Pray for my family members.Pray for peace and a good life.
- Paul Varghese [Posted On : 07-Aug-2014 05:49 PM]
Amma,i need your powerful intercession in the foot treatment of my son. I submit tomorrows appointment with doctor.please bless with the progress required by the doctor to do the surgery.please bless with a immediate recovery and kindly bless us to go back our work place in this month itself.i promise wi willbrinng my son to your church . I promi we we will come t
- jomole [Posted On : 05-Aug-2014 03:50 AM]
Kindly pray for me as iam struggling to get my driving license here !! I have been trying for it since three years but not succeeded in getting it ... I have to face a lot of difficulties and abuse from many people because of the same so Mother Mary I humbly pray to you on your feast to help me get my driving license here .
- Reeni Nazareth [Posted On : 31-Jul-2014 10:28 AM]
Please bless us with baby as since 8 years we are longing for the samei. I beg u moyhrr mary pray for me and my husband
- susan varughese [Posted On : 30-Jul-2014 10:47 AM]
mother Mary,I'm in Kuwait,troubling with my certificates attest by Kuwait embassy.pls pls pls I beg u mother Mary,when I com home I will put offers......
- binil [Posted On : 28-Jul-2014 02:25 AM]
Please bless my son to heal his foot problem.please bless to get a result as required the doctor to do the surgery.please bless to get a proper reply from doctor regarding the surgery in the next visit.please help me in my current situation.
- jomol [Posted On : 27-Jul-2014 07:18 AM]
mathave please give me mbbs seat in kolenchery this year itself..i promise you that i will be a good doctor who helps poor people....i promise to come to your shrine and walk on knees and i will tell others about your miracles at kuruvilangad... please mathave please give me mbbs seat...
- bibin thomas [Posted On : 27-Jul-2014 12:06 AM]
please pray for my father benny george to heal his alcoholic addiction,influence of bad friends in life who lead him through the wrong path,his bad character and to spend more time with family and not with friends.pray for him to be a good man. please pray for me to score excellent marks and A+ for my sa1 and sa2 exams
- bridget [Posted On : 26-Jul-2014 07:37 AM]
Suffering,from continuous illness one after other.... kindly pray for me..
- jomon [Posted On : 25-Jul-2014 06:36 AM]
mother Mary i need a job for supporting my family. its being months iam waiting for a good job. kindly give me your blessings as i can pass through my exams for the jobs. iam sure that you will not took your face from my cryings...faith in you leads me....
- jomy joy [Posted On : 10-Jul-2014 11:45 PM]
Respected Brothers & Sisters, Request your kind, Urgent Prayers for my immediate Promotion in Office, so that I can help many and can donate more for Gospel Works and for Charity Works in Andhra Pradesh.( I have been praying and waiting for this Promotion since 20006). सादर / With Regards& with Prayers,
- Soman Mathews [Posted On : 03-Jul-2014 02:26 AM]
mathave please give me mbbs seat in kolenchery medical college...i will be a good doctor ...please change the mind of students in front of me to stay in management seat only as i cannot get it as my 12 class % is low..moreover fees and college remains same in both govt and management seat.....please help mathave i will be always your good son and your very own slave ,,,please mathave...i promise to come to your shrine and to tell others about your kuruvilangad church..please love you mary
- bibin thomas [Posted On : 27-Jun-2014 05:06 AM]
Mother of God, seek your kind intercession for an early marriage of my daughter
- Mani [Posted On : 19-Jun-2014 01:37 PM]
Amma, Thank you for the favours granted. Please bless my son and the medical team at the time of surgery.I submit his surgery to your foot.
- jomol [Posted On : 10-Jun-2014 06:48 PM]
Muthiyamme, tomorrow i.e. 9th June I have an interview please give me that job also help me to join that job within the limited period. I need this job urgently, please Muthiyamme help me
- Binoy Stephen [Posted On : 08-Jun-2014 04:20 PM]
i am suffering to get the job,for so many years,please pray for me
- george jose [Posted On : 03-Jun-2014 11:47 AM]
For our son to talk properly,getting a better job.
- jomon [Posted On : 02-Jun-2014 03:55 PM]
Muthiyamma enikki thanna joliyae orthu nanni parayunnu... ammae mathavae enikki oru nall joli labichu abroad travel cheyyan amma anugrahickyanamae...
- Ajith S Mathewz [Posted On : 02-Jun-2014 09:15 AM]
Mother Mary,thank you for all the blessings.My son passed his Exam.thanks a lot"MARY MATHA".My husband's health is progressive....Every moment We need your help in our life. Please bless our family. Mathas's Geetha Anand
- Geetha Anand [Posted On : 31-May-2014 02:42 PM]
My name is Sunny,i'm from uk.Ihad surgeries in my both knees recently.My left knee is not doing well.I can't walk properly.I believe in mother Mary and pray for me to heel my left leg and walk properly.There is so much pain in left leg.
- Sunny [Posted On : 30-May-2014 05:35 PM]
Muthiyamme ente ammakku vendii prarthikename..ente amma nale hospitalil pokunnu.check up nu vendi.. Appol ente ammakku sereous ayi oru asukhavum kanathirikkan vendi prarthikename...ente ammaye enik arogyavum deergausukoodium tharename..
- sini [Posted On : 25-May-2014 07:01 PM]
Amma, Please bless my husband with salary increase.We are struggling too much financially .Kindly bless us in this situation. I also submit my son's clubfoot surgery to you.Please be with us that time and give us the financial source for that. Kindly bless us to buy a own house. Amma you know all my sorrows,please help me in all this situation.
- jomol [Posted On : 22-May-2014 10:09 AM]
My Dear Muthiyamme.. By your blessings I completed the construction of my house in Kerala. It was my ambition to construct a house and get an address in Kerala. The housewarming was over, before the housewarming I visited before you. Thanks for your support and intervention during the construction time. Please stay with us. Muthiyamme I am seeking your urgent intervention for getting a new long term job for me. Please help me.
- Binoy Stephen [Posted On : 12-May-2014 04:23 PM]
Amma, Please bless my husband with salary increase. We are in a big financial trouble.Salary Increase will help us. Please give relief to my son from his fever. Amma we are struggling a lot financially.Kindly bless us with financial improvement. Amma.. Please bless us. You are the only hope for us.
- jomol [Posted On : 07-May-2014 11:42 AM]
pray for us
- sanoop george [Posted On : 03-May-2014 02:21 PM]
Kindly pray for all my intentions.Especially for the healing of blood sugar,block in the heart and other healings which I require.Please pray to solve all my financial problems and to get my share of my father's property.For a very good job.For protection from my enemies, all dangers,sickness,accidents and from contagious diseases.For deliverance from all bondages,evil spirits and afflictions,from all curses and powers of darkness.For guidance in everything I do,in my resposibilities in my job and in all major issues in my life and in my relation with Moidu,Baby,Ajith and T.N.K.For the soul of my mother,soul of my father,souls of my grand parents, souls of all people died in my family. Mary Agnes
- Mary Agnes [Posted On : 02-May-2014 01:43 PM]
Ente Muthiyamme monuvinu graduate cheyyan thakkavannam credits okke kittaname. Avante exams okke nallavannam ezhuthuvan thakkavidham amma avene help cheyyaname. Innum nalayum kondu avante class ellam theeruvanu amme. He is going to come back tomorrow. Please amme help kodukku amme avanu ellam nannayi ezhuthunanum graduate cheyyuvanum.
- Anna Alex [Posted On : 30-Apr-2014 09:47 PM]
Muthiyammeee result kathirikkunna kunjumakkale amme avidunnu marrakkalle. valya pratheekshayode kathirikkunna avarod amme kaniyaname. ellaa kunjumakkaleyum orumichu amme passakkaname. nalla resultinu vendi amme kathirikkunnu. ammaye vanangunnathinaayi prathyekam samarppichittulla ee May masathil njangal samarppikkunna ee apeksha njangalude priyappetta amme, karunyakkadale avidunnu thallikkalayarutheeeee. kadakshikkaname ammeee. amme nandi, vanakkam. nangalu nattil varumpol ammayude aduthu vannekkamme.
- Mini [Posted On : 30-Apr-2014 12:03 PM]
Please bless my son to heal his clubfoot with your powerful intercession. Doctors saying he need the Please bless my husband with salary increase and remove our financial difficulties. Amma please bless me with a good job in good company with good salary, timing and allowance. Amma in the present i don't have any growth,hence please bless me with a good job change. Amma only you can provide me a good job as I wish. Kindly bless me to buy a own house and provide us the financial source for this. I beg our powerful intercession in the problems we are facing. I promise you, i will come to your church whenever possible,at the time of our vocation.
- jomol [Posted On : 28-Apr-2014 02:03 PM]
Amma, Me and my family need your blessing.Please bless my son to heal his clubfoot. I am so much tensed of this.Please heal my son,s foot.Bless my husband with salary increase and we need your powerful intercession in our financial difficulties. Amma, th present job is not giving me any growth,hence i request you to bless me with a good job in a good company with good salary, timing and allowance. Kindly bless us to buy a own house immediately.Since we do not have home, we are suffering lot. Also we are always have illness, please bless us.
- jomol [Posted On : 27-Apr-2014 06:30 PM]
pray for us
- sanoop george [Posted On : 26-Apr-2014 11:38 AM]
Ente Muthuyamme enikku gulfil oru joli thannathinu nanni arppikunnu.Muthiyamme njan kenu apeshkinnu ente kadabadyathakal matti eneyum ente kudumbatheyum kathukollaname.dinavum joli sthalathu innu njan anubhavikkunna peedakal matti tharename muthiyamme.ente meludyogasthar enne vedanippikkunnu.avrodu shemmikkuvan enikku sadikename. enikkum ente kudumbathinum sharrera sukavum deerkayisum nalkename.muthiyamme ennikkuvendi prathikkename. amen
- Faustin [Posted On : 23-Apr-2014 11:29 AM]
- SREEJITH V [Posted On : 12-Apr-2014 12:39 AM]
njanglaude priyappetta muthiyamme, ente husbandinte promotionum salaryudeyum karyam sariyakuvan vendi amma prarthikkanee. priyappetta amme, ee apeksha avidunnu kanakkiledukkaname. nangalude papangal poruthu njangalodu kshamikkaname. ammayude thirukkumaranil ninnum ee anugraham amma vangi tharaname. athupole result kathirikkunna kunjumakkalkku vendi amma prarthikkane. avare ellavareyum amma passakkaname amme. kaividalle amme. othiri nandiyum sthuthiyum arppikkunnu.
- Mini [Posted On : 07-Apr-2014 11:27 AM]
Muthiyammae thanks for the renovation work goin on at home.. thanks for your intercession.. Muthiyammae bless my brother's bank interview. Strengthen him, enlighten him and be with him to do the interview better. Ennu ammayudae maathistham vazhi, eshoyilakki endae prarthana jan samarpicyunnu.
- Ajith S Mathewz [Posted On : 04-Apr-2014 10:24 AM]
Muthiyammae oraiyiram nanni.. enikki muthiyammayudae moonu nonmbu kooduvan ulla anugraham thannathinu.
- Ajith S Mathewz [Posted On : 01-Apr-2014 09:32 AM]
Muthiyammae.. Thankyou for all the blessings showered. Begging your powerful intercession for my salary hike in job and onsite opportunites. Jesus bless renovation work at home. Bless my bro to clear bank exam and get posted in kuravilangad area. Bless my mom,dad and elder bro sreejith. Make us grow in faith. muthiyammae am seeking your prayer for my future life partner, bless her and safeguard her. Bring her to me when the time is ready muthiyammae and praying tat let her be from muthiyamma's nadu an adorable sundari kutti. Let her be a blessing to me and my family. Bless my sisters kunjava and priya. Muthiyammae eppozhum jangalkku vendi prarthickyaenamae.
- Ajith S Mathewz [Posted On : 01-Apr-2014 09:31 AM]
Amme muthiyamme... I need a long term job. I applied for a new job in a reputed company. It is my ambition to work with them, I have sufficient experience for the post. I know I can get this job through your blessings as always I am getting blessings from you, my dearest mother. I know this time also you definitely help me. Please bless me to get this job.
- Binoy Stephen [Posted On : 27-Mar-2014 05:20 PM]
Mother Mary, Help my son to get good marks in his Exam and pray for my husband for relief of illness. Pray to God to give me and my family good health, strength,mental peace and graces.
- Geetha [Posted On : 19-Mar-2014 04:32 PM]
priyappetta muthiyamme, kunjumakkalde exam ellaam nannayittu ezhuthuvan amma sahayichathinu othiri othiri nandi parayunnu. amme vanakkam. amme iniyum avarude resultinu vendi amma prarthikkaname. ellavareyum amma passakkaname. ente amme avare kaividalle. najngalde papangal porukkaname, njangalde yachanakal amma nirasikkalle. thirukkumarante kaiyil ninnum ee anugrahangal kunjumakkalkku vangi kodukkaname amme. Praise the Lord.
- Mini [Posted On : 22-Feb-2014 12:07 PM]
amme ente aasrayame ente sahodaranu nalloru job ethrayum vegam kituvanayi prarthickane,nalloru daivasrayam ulla manushianacki theerckuvanayi prarthickane,avante papangal poruckuvanayi prarthickane,yesuve stothram yesuve nanni
- nirmala john [Posted On : 19-Feb-2014 09:13 PM]
Muthiyamme... please give me a good and long term job. I am very much worried about my present job. I am very much confident that Muthiyamma can accept my prayer and bless me. Also please bless to those who are seeking the job or want to change the job
- Binoy Stephen [Posted On : 18-Feb-2014 05:10 PM]
To save my cousin brother from police case and other issues.
- bincejohn [Posted On : 14-Feb-2014 10:11 PM]
dear mother, please give my daughter her life partner. Next year if I am alive, i will attend the perunnal
- elsy mathai [Posted On : 12-Feb-2014 05:18 PM]
ente muthiyammee, kunjumakkalkku nale exam und. ellavarum nannayittu ezhuthaan vendi njanglaude priyappetta amme avarkku vendi prarthikkane. amme kunjumakkalude pediyum akulathayum okke eduthumaati nannayittu exam ezhuthuvaan amma koodeyirunnu sahayikkane. amme njangalude sankadangal kelkkaname, kaividallee.
- Mini [Posted On : 12-Feb-2014 01:19 PM]
Ave Maria Muthiyamme, Thanks much for considering our prayer and for the miracle given from the Lord Jesus Christ. There were a lot of blessings we got it from you which I would like to proclaim. Mary Mathave, with your prayer, you had given the impossible thing to possible. My father lost his ability to walk and reached to a stage of 100% bedridden. We never thought that he could come back to normal stage. But you did that possible. Now he could walk properly with out any issues. Thanks a lot Ave Maria our Mother.
- Siju Thomas [Posted On : 11-Feb-2014 03:03 PM]
Muthiyamme enneum ente kudumbangaleum angeyeku samarpikunnu. enta delivery oru prasanaumilathe nadakkan amma sahayikaname,ente kudubathinte sambahika bhuthimuttukale ange karangalil samarpikunnu. enta brotherinu nalla or joli labhikan amma sahayikane.enta monu nalla anusaranaum padikanulla kazhium amma nalkaname
- Liyora [Posted On : 11-Feb-2014 02:23 PM]
get a good job
- aloysiusvg [Posted On : 11-Feb-2014 08:34 AM]
Amme nanni.....enikku jolikku nalla salary thannathinu ammayodu nanni parayunnu...pretheekshichathu kittathathil paribhavichtahinu ennodu kashamikane amma...thuka ethra ayalum ammayude anugrahathe orthu ennum nanniyullavanayirikkan...enne anigrahikane amme...amme mathave enikuu vendi enta ellam apekshakalum orthu eeshoyodu prarthikane... amma nanni eshoye nanni eshoye sthuthi..
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 07-Feb-2014 10:42 AM]
Amme Mathave Bless my family and all. Prathyakamay ente molude Entrance examil nalla rank kittuvan Ammayude anugraham yachikunnu.Bless my daughter on this special event.Ammayude swantham mon.
- Thankachan [Posted On : 06-Feb-2014 12:12 PM]
njangalude priyappetta muthiyamme, njangalde kunjumakkalde exam naleyaanu. ellam easy ayittu ezhuthaan priyappetta amme avarkku vendi prarthikkaname. amme avare kaividallee. exam ezhuthunna ella kunjumakkaleyum koode ammayum ammayude thirukkumaranum undayirikkaname. ente amme, ente aasrayame nangale kaividallee. njangalde paapangal ellam poruthu, karunayode njangalde yachanakal kelkkaname amme. ente kunjinte aakulathayum uthkandayum pediyum ellaam eduthumati avale sahayikkaname amme mathaaveeee. ellaa examum nannayittu ezhuthuvaa amma prarthikkanamee. Amen
- Mini [Posted On : 02-Feb-2014 04:34 PM]
To secure my job in abu dhabi. benny george
- benny george [Posted On : 30-Jan-2014 09:27 PM]
To get admission in abu dhabi indian school. Bridget
- Bridget maria benny [Posted On : 30-Jan-2014 09:24 PM]
muthiyamme, nanjal ithu vare ingane oru palliye kurichu ketirunilla ketapol varanamennu manasil karuthi.ante wife pregnant annu sugha presavathinum koodathe wifenu epilepsyude asugham undu muthiyammayude anugrahathal ante wife ne katthu kollename amen
- Robin Antony [Posted On : 27-Jan-2014 06:06 PM]
muthiyamme, nanjal ithu vare ingane oru palliye kurichu ketirunilla ketapol varanamennu manasil karuthi.ante wife pregnant annu sugha presavathinum koodathe wifenu epilepsyude asugham undu muthiyammayude anugrahathal ante wife ne katthu kollename amen
- Robin Antony [Posted On : 27-Jan-2014 06:06 PM]
muthiyamme, nanjal ithu vare ingane oru palliye kurichu ketirunilla ketapol varanamennu manasil karuthi.ante wife pregnant annu sugha presavathinum koodathe wifenu epilepsyude asugham undu muthiyammayude anugrahathal ante wife ne katthu kollename amen
- Robin Antony [Posted On : 27-Jan-2014 06:05 PM]
Ente amme muthiyamme, kunjumakkalde exam nannayittu ezhuthaan amma prarthikkanee. avare pass akkaname. amme mathave, kathukollaname. oro divasavum visudhiyil valaruvan vendi prarthikkane. njangalude papangalellam kshamikkaname. Ave Maria.
- Mini [Posted On : 20-Jan-2014 12:22 PM]
Ente muthiyammee kidneykk cancer anenna samsayathal testukal nadakkunna oru makalkk aviduthe thirukkumaran albhutham pravarthichu ellaam normal ayitheeruvaan ammayude valya maadyastham njangal yaachikkunnu. amma ee makalkkuvendi prarthikkane. eesoye nandi, sthuthi, araadhana.
- Mini [Posted On : 12-Jan-2014 12:44 PM]
Muthiyamme, aadyamaayittanu ammayude help njangal apekshikkunnath. athu orikkalum amma nirasikkukayillennu visvasikkunnu. ente makaludeyum avalude friendsinteyum mbbs exam eluppamayirikkuvanum athil ellaavarum nalla vijayam karasthamakkuvanum ammayodu njangal apekshikkunnu. amme njangale kaividalle. ammayude thirukkumaranodu paranju amma ee anugraham kunjumakkalkku vangi kodukkane. ente makanu nalla, daivabhayamulla oru penkuttiye jeevithapankaliyayittu kittan amma prarthikkane. ente husbandinte ellaa sareerika budhimuttukalum maarikittunnathinu ammayude madhyastham njan yaachikkunnu. amma paranjal ammayude thirukkumaran kelkkathirikkillallo. njnagal nattil varumpol ammayude aduthu vannolam.
- Mini [Posted On : 06-Jan-2014 12:44 PM]
Ente Amme Muthiyamme please pray for my family,help my parents get their own home,help my brother get a good job,my marriage is in great trouble,my husband has no love,care or understanding for me,i have no one to help me except you my amme,please pray to God to save my marriage,control selfish and manipulative people creating problems,please pray for my two children to grow and live in faith.pray to God to give me and my family strength,good health,mental peace and graces.
- dabraham [Posted On : 04-Jan-2014 01:56 AM]
ente amme ente asrayame, enicku nashtapettupoya ente kudumbajeevitham ethryum vegam ente thamburan ente papangal poruthu enicku thirichu tharanayee prarthickane,ente jeevitha pankalickum kudumbangangalckum ennodu kshamickuvanulla manassu koduckanayi apekshickane,ente bobiye nalloru manushianacki thirichu tharane yesuve stotram, yesuve nanni
- nirmala john [Posted On : 23-Dec-2013 11:55 PM]
Joash Joby Varughese 4- Years Good Health and Good future (When he was 6 Months that time 1 surgery for Head)
- Joby.M.Varughese [Posted On : 18-Dec-2013 02:50 PM]
Mother Mary, Please intercede to your loving son to grant me a good job. Mother Mary, grand me a good job in Publishing.Forgive all my sins and make me more and more Christ like. Take away all my loneliness. Thank you mother for praying always for me, my family, friends, and dear and near ones.
- Vineesh PB [Posted On : 16-Dec-2013 07:53 PM]
Muthiyammae... ammayudae anugrahangalkku othiri othiri nanni ammae.. endae chaetenda thettaya vazhigalil ninnu kaathu kollenae.. aven eshoyilaekki pin thiriyuvan sahayickyanae.. Bless my mom n dad karthavae. aniyan bank exam clear cheyyuvan ammae maathyashyam vahickyanamae.. endae joli kaariyangalum, promotionum, onsite travelum amma anugrahickyanamae. Jangauldae veedu pani anugrahickyanamae. enikki karthaavil ulla oru nalla jeevitha pangaliyae nalgi anugrahickyanamae...
- Ajith S Mathewz [Posted On : 16-Dec-2013 06:08 PM]
Mother Mary pray for me
- Mathew [Posted On : 15-Dec-2013 06:32 PM]
matahavae, endae riyamaede pariksha eliupamairikanae..avalae pass akan shayikanae.. ammae rekshikanae..
- Reshma [Posted On : 06-Dec-2013 12:04 PM]
ammae..mathavae..endae echayanae pass akanae...pareekshaku nalla mak odae pass akanae.. mathavae sahayikanae...
- Reshma [Posted On : 05-Dec-2013 03:52 PM]
Amme anugrahikane..,,ente e semestrile randu subjectum pass aki tharane...examukal padayirunnu...karthave kakane...anugrahikane..mathave enikku vendi prarthikane...anugrahikane...apss akan prarthikane...karthave pass akki tharne...amme anugrahikane.. eshooye nanni eshooye sthuthi...
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 03-Dec-2013 04:45 AM]
Ammae, nani amame..othiri othriri nanni...endae examindae karyam seriyaki tanathinu othiri nani..amame, angayae ninnichu paranja nim ishangale orthu najn mamau apakshiku nu..ennodu kshemikane ammae...nani ammae... nanni
- Reshma [Posted On : 29-Nov-2013 11:02 AM]
ammae matahvae, othiri nanni..endae echayane nalla oru joliyil akiyathinu nanni parayunnu.ammae, najnagalae sahayikanae.eniku endu cheuanan ennariyatahe nilkukayanu.angae sahayathal nannai padikuvanum pass akuvanum enna esahyikanae.endae budhiyum ormayum telichu taranamae.pass akan sahyikaname.ammae nanai pareeksha ezhuthanulla kazivu taranae.njan ipol anubhavikunna mansika vyathayil ninnui eniku mochanam taranamae.amame karyangal samchiththayodae chyan ennae sahayikaname,ammae rekshikendame.ammae sahayikaname.ammae rekshikaname..amame shayikaname..amame nnjangalaudae3 kudae undakaname...amame rekshikaname..amame shayikaname..
- Reshma [Posted On : 26-Nov-2013 11:08 AM]
Ammae mathavae, ittichayandae jolikarayam seriayathinu orayiram nanni...najngalae iniyum nayikananame.Enda epareekshhayil jayikan ennae sahayaikanamae..ammae , rekshikananmae
- Reshma [Posted On : 22-Nov-2013 01:06 PM]
amme anugrahikane...reshmakku innu nannyi exam ezhuthan anugrahikane...exam elupppam akaname...ella questionum sheriyaya answer ezhuthanum passavanum nalla markode...anugrahikane amme...amme ente prarthana kelakane.. amma prarthikane eshoye anugarahikane eshoye rakshikane eshoye kshamikane...
- ittirachan wilson [Posted On : 20-Nov-2013 08:21 AM]
amme anugrahikane...innalathe exam nannayi ezhuthan sahayichathinu ammayodu nanni parayunnu....enne exam pass akki tharane amme anugrahikane amme... eshoye nanni eshoye sthuthi..
- ittirachan wilson [Posted On : 20-Nov-2013 08:18 AM]
Ammae matahvae..nalae eniku c dovetail pareeksha anu..unjan onnum padichitilla...sharirika asvasthatahakal karanam, padikan concentration kitunnilla...ennae sahayikanaeme,,angage tiru kumarandae kai pidichu ee pareeksha ezhuthuvan ennae sahayikanae..ammae mathavae, kathu kolanae...nannai pareeksha ezhuthan sahayikanae
- Reshma [Posted On : 19-Nov-2013 02:00 PM]
Ammae mathavae..endae ittichayandae pareeksha naani ezhuthan sadichathinu agaku nanni parayunnu.. ammae matahvae nanii orayiram nanni..
- Reshma [Posted On : 19-Nov-2013 01:58 PM]
Ammae mathavae..ittichayandae pareeksha nanani ezhuthan sahayikanae..amame ittiku nalla orma shakhi koduKANE...PASS AKANE...NAJNAGALAE JEEVITHATHIL SHAYIKANAE..AMAME MATAHVAE...pareekshaku padikan najnagale naani shayikanae...parushudhtmavinae ayachu budhiyae prakashipikan angae divya sudhanodu parayanamae/
- Reshma [Posted On : 19-Nov-2013 09:51 AM]
Ammae matahvae, ittichayandae nalathae parikshayae angayudea trikaranagalil samarpikunnu kathu kolanae..nanai pariksha ezhuthan sahayikanae,... ammae matahavae ittichayane kathu kolanae...paichahika bendanagalilninu rekshikanae
- reshma [Posted On : 18-Nov-2013 10:03 PM]
amme innu rathri irunnu nalathe pareekshakku vendi padikan anugraham tharane...ozhappum madiyum matti thannu budhiyum ulsahavum vardhipikane amme...bhodhanjanathinte simhasaname...eniku vendi prarthikane..
- ittirachan wilson [Posted On : 18-Nov-2013 11:39 AM]
amme anugrahikane...nalathe exam eluppamaakki tharane...jayippikkane...amme anugrahikane amme..prarthikane...amme...e semesetrile randu subjectum jayippichu tharane amme...enikku vendi kartahvinodu prarthikane amme..... save me jesus love u jesus praise u jesus
- ittirachan wilson [Posted On : 18-Nov-2013 11:37 AM]
Amme Ammayude anugrahathal ente asugam poornamayum maari. Amme ente nirantharamaya sambathika prathisandhi maran amma enne anugrahikkane Ente clinic sale avanum athu vazhi enikku ella kadabadyathayil ninnum raksha neduvanulla anugraham tharane Amme... Ammayodulla prarthana falamayi ee karyam sadichal Njan ithu site il publish cheytholam Amme Ammayude aduthu kazhinja randu vacationilum njan vannu prarthichu. Iniyum Njan Ammayude adutheku Amma irikunna aa visudha sthalatheku njan varum Amme.
- Abhi Joy [Posted On : 10-Nov-2013 04:11 PM]
I am going to attent my CA-IPCC exams this november..please pray for me to clear all the papers with the required mininum seperate marks andthe aggregatte...
- Luke [Posted On : 05-Nov-2013 08:42 AM]
Mother Mary please pray for us to get our canada visas as soon as possible. We have been waiting for last 3.5 years.
- Susan [Posted On : 03-Nov-2013 04:34 PM]
PRAISE THE LORD I need your urgent prayer help: 1. Regarding my daughter: She is become very bad. She is not hearing anybody. she is not obeying elders, when we tell her to study she starts crying, please pray for her. 2. Regarding my son: He is 2 1/2 year old baby. We have handed over him to our Lord God, and want that he can become a priest, please pray for him. 3. Regarding myself and my husbands passport: With God's grace my husband has win the best employee whole over India. He were selected from 2000 peoples. God has giving us a opportunity to visit Malaysia. But myself and my husband has applied for passport. My husbands passport verification and other procedures have taken place and now we are awaiting his passport. But as we both applied on the same date due to negligence of the agent I have got the date for visiting passport office is on 27/11/2013, as in December we have to visit Malaysia. Please pray for the needful. 4, My parents: My father is suffering from kidney and heart problem, sugar, B, P etc, and my mother is also suffering from sugar, B.P, cholestrol etc. please pray for them. 5. My brother: that he can get a good job. We are searching for a good life partner for him, that God can give him a good life partner. 6. My colleagues are always giving negative informations regarding me to my seniors and its effecting my carrier. Please pray that they will co-operate and give good informations to my Director. I need your urgent prayer help, so that I can do my job without tensions. Please pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray,pray. Your loving sister, Asha Biju
- Asha Biju [Posted On : 29-Oct-2013 10:06 PM]
PRAISE THE LORD I need your urgent prayer help: 1. Regarding my daughter: She is become very bad. She is not hearing anybody. she is not obeying elders, when we tell her to study she starts crying, please pray for her. 2. Regarding my son: He is 2 1/2 year old baby. We have handed over him to our Lord God, and want that he can become a priest, please pray for him. 3. Regarding myself and my husbands passport: With God's grace my husband has win the best employee whole over India. He were selected from 2000 peoples. God has giving us a opportunity to visit Malaysia. But myself and my husband has applied for passport. My husbands passport verification and other procedures have taken place and now we are awaiting his passport. But as we both applied on the same date due to negligence of the agent I have got the date for visiting passport office is on 27/11/2013, as in December we have to visit Malaysia. Please pray for the needful. 4, My parents: My father is suffering from kidney and heart problem, sugar, B, P etc, and my mother is also suffering from sugar, B.P, cholestrol etc. please pray for them. 5. My brother: that he can get a good job. We are searching for a good life partner for him, that God can give him a good life partner. 6. My colleagues are always giving negative informations regarding me to my seniors and its effecting my carrier. Please pray that they will co-operate and give good informations to my Director. I need your urgent prayer help, so that I can do my job without tensions. Please pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray,pray. Your loving sister, Asha Biju
- Asha Biju [Posted On : 29-Oct-2013 10:06 PM]
need to get a work permit
- neethu [Posted On : 28-Oct-2013 05:25 PM]
Oh dear mother Mary please pray for me to get the job as specified by my husband in his company & the same has been applied by me....provide me the knowledge to grab that opportunity and to present myself as required..bless our family with your love &kind....save us from all troubles in life & strengthen us whenever we are weak....oh mother of Jesus hear our prayer ....Amen
- Nishajithin [Posted On : 21-Oct-2013 04:46 PM]
- RIYA [Posted On : 15-Oct-2013 05:15 AM]
amame mariyambikae, endae rosindae paditham seri akai tarane.....padithathinulla ella tadasangalum matti nalla mark kittan sahyikanae....
- Reshma [Posted On : 13-Oct-2013 09:25 PM]
Thanks amma , for granting my visa. Thanks a lot for praying for me, granting my visa without any complications. Thank u Thanks a lot. Amma pray for me . Love you Jesus. Praise you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Ishoye rakshikane, ishoye anugrahikane, ishoye rakshikane.
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 11-Oct-2013 06:24 AM]
ammae mathavae..sahayikanae...itticjhayandae pariksha nannai ezhutan patanae.. ammae matahvae sahayokanae..
- reshma [Posted On : 10-Oct-2013 07:23 AM]
hail mary, help us to write my exam....forgive ne for all the sins i did...help me to write the exam...and to pass in the exam...mother mary,i know i havnt studied much..but help me to do with the exam...and help my echayna to study well for the exam.... kindly grand us yur blessings.. mother mary..pray for us
- reshma [Posted On : 09-Oct-2013 07:27 AM]
amame, sorry.. innale otthiri sangadam vanapozha angane okae paranjathu sorry amme... sorry sorry sorry sorry
- Reshma [Posted On : 01-Oct-2013 09:56 AM]
amame..pedi akunu pass akan sajayikanae.. ariyavunna chodyangal varane ammae rekshikane.. abadhangal okum cheyan idavarutharuthae. ammae kathu kolanamae amame rekshikenamae
- Reshma [Posted On : 30-Sep-2013 01:29 PM]
ammae...pedi akunnu.. exam nanai ezhutan patane.. amame rekshikane.. kathukolanae.. amae matahvae kathu kolanae..
- Reshma [Posted On : 30-Sep-2013 10:33 AM]
Ammae..mathavae.. kathu kolananmae.. eniku ennatahe examinu pass akan patanae.. ammae, ammayudae karatahal ennae pareksha ezhutipikananmae.. ammae, sheiayaya chindakal pareksha samayathu endae manasilaku varaname.. amame kathu kolanamae.. ammae, rekshikenamae.. ammae rekshikenamae
- Reshma [Posted On : 30-Sep-2013 09:12 AM]
Amme anugrahikane...reshmakku innu nannyi exam ezhuthan anugarahikane...exam nalla eluppam aakki kodukane...sheriyaya utharangal ezhuthi exam jayippikane amme...amme prarthikane amme...eeshoye rakshikane eeshoaye anugrahikane...
- ittirachan wilson [Posted On : 30-Sep-2013 06:52 AM]
ammae mathavae........endae echayane ella apathukalil innum kakanae...... jeevithathilae parikshnagal ottaku neriduvan kakanae.....anyanattil mansu madukatahe ottaku nikan...kakanae....
- reshma [Posted On : 19-Sep-2013 10:33 AM]
amme anugrahikane...ente visa budhimuttum thadasangalonnum koodathe ethrem vegam seriyaki tharane amme...amme enikku vendi prarthikane...amme oru kurabana njan nerunnu amme..amme anugrahikane amme...enikuvendi prarthikane... praise u jesus love u jesus save me jesus
- ittirachan wilson [Posted On : 17-Sep-2013 05:39 PM]
Muthiyammae bless my aniyathi kutti kunjava. Bless her and safeguard her always. Bless my brothers sreejith and abinijith. pray you for sreejith's marriage and abinijith's bank exams. Bless them to do well. O Mighty God be with us always. I offer myself and my entire family and my aniyathi kutti kunjava into your hands. In jesus name.
- Ajith S Mathewz [Posted On : 07-Sep-2013 12:27 AM]
Muthiyammae take care of my dad's illnesss. Bless my family.Wanna come to you always. Bless me to grow in faith and be your son always. Also pray for my future partner. Bless her O God.
- Ajith S Mathewz [Posted On : 07-Sep-2013 12:23 AM]
amme mathave me & my brother is in bahrain.we r waiting for a job. yaathoru thadasavum illathe ethreyum vegam aaa job kittan maathavveee njangalkku vendi prarthikkaneeee.
- sonia [Posted On : 06-Sep-2013 12:34 PM]
mother mary, help us....help me and echayan to be strong in our prayers.help us to be faithfull to you in all bad situations which may arise...help us to be loyal to god...help my ecjayan to pass all exams and find a way for leaving..help him to find a way to pay the fees...help him to find some way for daily living...help him to improve his health..mother mary pray for us thankyou mother ..praise you mother.....hail mry, pray for us
- Reshma [Posted On : 03-Sep-2013 04:35 PM]
my children's not with me because our job abrod,we want to live together .and we have no house also.please pray for my family.my brother need suitable job and a life faith and marriage,mother please interceed for us. brother (thomas passed away) children good wisdom and education.
- james p.a [Posted On : 01-Sep-2013 10:50 AM]
my children's not with me because our job abrod,we want to live together .and we have no house also.please pray for my family.my brother need suitable job and a life faith and marriage,mother please interceed for us. brother (thomas passed away) children good wisdom and education.
- james [Posted On : 01-Sep-2013 10:49 AM]
- SMITHA [Posted On : 29-Aug-2013 04:35 PM]
Amma Pls do pray for me....to study well and do my best in the project...to get rid off my laziness...to do my duties and responsibilities and to enjoy what I am doing... amme anugrahikane.. amme prarthikane.. Love you Jesus Praise you JEsus
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 22-Aug-2013 09:59 AM]
Amma pls do pray for me.. to sell my car for a good price( 3000$ or above)....amma pls do pray to your son to help me to sell the car..so that i will have the money to pay my fees. Praise you jesus Love you Jesus
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 22-Aug-2013 09:57 AM]
amme thanks... ente apeksha prakaram rubber thadi nalla vilakku vittau poyathinum, kannara nalla vilakku contract ayathinum vendi prarthichathinu ammayaodu orayiram nanni parayunnu...amma nanni eeshoye nanni eshoye sthuthi...amma anugrahikane..amma pararthikane..
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 22-Aug-2013 09:54 AM]
dear loving father i am going to trivandrum on 25th of this month to appear for the entrance exam for P G COURSE IN AYURVEDA. this is the forth time i am appearing for the exam. it is my heart felt wish to become achieve higher qualification in my profession. i am bit tensed. i humbly rquest you to please keep me in your prayers and bless me to write this exam with confidence yours loving sister in christ soumya t anto kalpetta Wayanad
- soumya anto [Posted On : 11-Aug-2013 02:13 PM]
dear loving father i am going to trivandrum on 13th of this month to attend an interview for the post of member in CHILD RIGHTS COMMISSION which is going to constitute soon.please keep me in your prayers. i humbly request your prayer and blessings glory george kalpetta wayanad
- glory george [Posted On : 11-Aug-2013 02:11 PM]
amme thanks...rubber thadi chodhichadhilum adhikam vilakku vittu poyathinu amme nanni...amme enikku vendi...ente kudumbathunu vendi ennum karthavinodu prarthikkunnathinu ammayodu nanni.. amme nanni...yeshuve nanni yeshuve sthuthi
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 11-Aug-2013 05:24 AM]
amme njnagalude kaaryam ammakku ariyalo....innu randu veeetukarum thammil samsarikkan pova...ellam bhangiyakki tharane...innu nalla theerumanangal edukanulla anugraham avrkku kodukane....ellavrkum parasparam manasilakanulla anugraham kodukane...amme anugrahikane...amme prardhikane.. amme rakshikane..
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 01-Aug-2013 03:46 PM]
amme..ente ammene anugrahiknae...innu valare gauravaneriya theerumanagal edukenda oru dhivasama ammakku...ellam nokki cheyyanum...nalla theerumanam edukanum ulla anugrahavum shakthiyum kodukane amme... ente ammene anugrahikane amme...
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 01-Aug-2013 03:32 PM]
amma anugrahikane....njanglude thottam nalla vilakku (2.5 lakhs) vetti kodukan karthavinidu prarthikane...amme anugrahikane...ennale veetile kaaryanjalokke nadakoo...koodathe...kannara vekkan varunnavar nalla vila tharane... (1 lakh for 3 years)...amme anugrahikane...amme prarthikane...praise u jesus..love u jesus..
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 01-Aug-2013 03:27 PM]
mathavae, endae echayandae car nalla vilaku vittupopnae...........fees adkanum kudae bakiyulla avashyangalkum ulla kashu echayanu kitanae.. mathavae, kathu kolanae.. ammae mathavae rekshikanaae
- Reshma [Posted On : 01-Aug-2013 02:11 PM]
please pray for me regarding good result in msc nursing first year exam
- philip sebastian [Posted On : 31-Jul-2013 10:20 PM]
Mathave Pl. help me to choose a state of life.
- Joseph Sebastian [Posted On : 31-Jul-2013 10:11 PM]
mathavae, angae karunyathal endae echayanu veroru university il ninnu nalloru subject cheyuvan kitanae.joli sadyatha ulla subject kitanae. echayandae sangadangal ellam matanae.Nalloru joli kitan sahyikanamae.ammae mathavae......endae echayane kathu kolanae.edukunna terumanangalil amma echayane nayikenamae..rekshikaname..ammae..endae echayane rekshikenamae.. ammae anugrahikanamae.
- Reshma [Posted On : 31-Jul-2013 10:05 AM]
Thank you, amma. I got exemption for the subject and so i could save lot of money and time. thank you amma for praying for me. thanks a lot.thank u thank u. praise you jesus love u jesus love u amma love u amma
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 30-Jul-2013 11:23 AM]
Amma, please do pray for me, to get an exemption on the subject CP2402 so that I will get credits for the subject and don't have to study it again, because I had passed the subject already.
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 22-Jul-2013 12:44 PM]
amme mathave please help me to get a job fast
- priya [Posted On : 19-Jul-2013 11:35 PM]
I humbly request prayers for myself to get a good job soon. I lost my job two years back and have been praying to get a good job. I visited the church two weeks back and prayed. Please do pray for me.
- sarasu [Posted On : 17-Jul-2013 11:55 PM]
Please pray for me and my cousine sister to get a suitable life partner
- ANIL MATHEW [Posted On : 15-Jul-2013 12:50 PM]
Thankyou my moter.. tankyou for making me pass in thee xam with good results.. Thankyou jesus..thankyou mother mary.. thankyou.. thankyou.. prise you.. i were in the worst wedge of every emotion in my life..itz you who made me a new man..gave me the courage to struggle..thankyou my mother.. praise you lord..
- Ittirachan [Posted On : 08-Jul-2013 09:52 AM]
ammae, enda eammyuda easugam enda ennu kadupidikan sahayikanae.. ammaku dergayusum arogyavum nalki anugrahikaname.. andae matahpitakale sangadapeduthatirikan ennae sahyikanamae.. ammae tayae anugrahikanamae..
- Reshma [Posted On : 05-Jul-2013 04:46 PM]
Blessed Mother Mary, thank you for all the blessings in my life. Help me to bring up my son, as you have brought up, Jesus. Also please take care of family, you know the needs of our hearts. Keep us close to your heart. I submit our new home to you, want your presence along with your son, through out at my home. Please interceede for my husband, son, myself, my dad, mom, sis & fly, brother,Amma, Chachan, Anish Chettan & fly.
- Jery Joseph [Posted On : 30-Jun-2013 08:56 AM]
Thank you my lord. Thank you amma, for blessing me and praying for me, so that Jesus made my exams easy and comfortable. He gave me power to study for the exam and also made me write the exam well. Thank you jesus. Praise you Jesus. Thank you amma. Thanks a lot. Pls do pray for me always.
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 20-Jun-2013 07:14 AM]
My Mother Mary, please pray for me, I need your help this month...please.
- benny Jose [Posted On : 19-Jun-2013 11:43 AM]
thankyou lord.....for making my toughmost and life challenging exam ..the most easiest one.. thankyou lord..praise you lord.. thankyou lord.. praise you lord..
- Ittirachan Wilson [Posted On : 18-Jun-2013 10:54 AM]
Hi, I request this prayer for my friend. He is in Middle East in search for a job as he has too much financial obligations. So far, he is not able to succeed in getting one. He will me mentally broken down f he cannt get a job before the end of this month. So I request special prayer for him.
- Renjini Basil [Posted On : 12-Jun-2013 11:02 AM]
I wish to make a humble request towards a prayer for a child.Its been 8 years after marriage and still longing for a child.I hope u can understand the disturbance and loneliness without a child.Also not employed for past 4 years even after good educational degree.Please pray that the prayers be answered by the lord almighty through the intervension of blessed mother.Please keep us and all those who are through this phase. thanks, Jincy
- Jincy [Posted On : 31-May-2013 01:47 AM]
Please pray foe me and my cousine brother to get a suitable life partner
- bibin [Posted On : 29-May-2013 10:09 PM]
Oh mother Mary,please make us sell our property without any difficulties.
- Joice [Posted On : 20-May-2013 04:39 AM]
please pray for me for my marriage with jaisy
- syam [Posted On : 17-May-2013 12:07 PM]
Our beloved mother, please bless us with a child.
- Jega Joe Anand [Posted On : 15-May-2013 08:57 AM]
Mother mary......please pray for me to get second child soon....we are praying for last2 years....I have thyroid prblems and fibroids ...please pray for me to get a healthy baby................
- shanty santhosh [Posted On : 01-May-2013 02:19 PM]
I have attented an interview in nursing informatics last month. they have not announced the results yet. please pray for me to get the job in nursing informatics in parkland hospital. thanks kavitha george
- kavitha george [Posted On : 25-Apr-2013 11:30 AM]
Oh loving mother , please help me to get nice mark me and for my loving friends in plus examination and to get admission
- Tibin lukose [Posted On : 14-Apr-2013 12:08 PM]
i am in australia my visa is getting expired in may 4th please pray for me to get source to stay here
- shiny [Posted On : 09-Apr-2013 05:18 AM]
For peace in my family saju ekm
- saju [Posted On : 20-Mar-2013 07:14 PM]
My mother suffering with cancer since last 2 years,First she got cancer in 2010 after we gave treatment she cured but after6 months she got again cancer then also we gave treatment but this time the cancer cells are not responding and we stopped the treatment.Now she is ok for loking but we don't no inside what happening,i know that god can do miracles, please pray for mother to cure cancer. My father got heart attack in the year 2012 its massive attack in hospital only then he got treatment and he got peralysis nex day. after 2 moths he started walking now he is not 100% ok. So please pray for my father and i know that THE GOD Did miracle with my father.Thank God,Only jesus can do all thease miracles So please pray for mother and father.Thank you.
- D.karunakar reddy [Posted On : 05-Mar-2013 12:32 PM]
My name is alex .nw am working in libya .i applied for a new job in usa . My all documents are cross checked by the authority .am still waiting for an employment contract letter for few mths .plz pray for me to get that offer letter as early as possible .thanks .
- Alex P george [Posted On : 04-Mar-2013 09:13 PM]
i am suffering from very financial problms lakhs of rs. lost in my business ,lakhs laon taken from outside kindly pray my sharebusniess
- josy [Posted On : 27-Feb-2013 03:57 PM]
- SHANBABU [Posted On : 26-Feb-2013 07:28 PM]
muthiyamme ente thettukalellam ennodu kshamichu ente prayer kelkkane.amme ente husbantinnte iqama problms oke matty ethrayum pettannnu ente husbantinteyumm, monteyum iqama kittuvan ammayude madhyastham njan aekhikkunnu.athodoppam ente oru friendnu oru kunjine koduthu avareyum anugrahikkane....
- jins [Posted On : 21-Feb-2013 02:38 AM]
plz prayfor me to get nice marks in +2 examinations
- jogesh joby [Posted On : 12-Feb-2013 07:48 PM]
amma mahatava, please pray for my friend for the speedy recovery from her sickness. thanks amma
- rose [Posted On : 26-Jan-2013 11:11 PM]
- Mini [Posted On : 23-Jan-2013 09:44 AM]
good job
- nidhin mani [Posted On : 22-Jan-2013 08:35 PM]
please pray for my son to get a project work in bangalore, from channai.thanks amma mahata. and bless our family with holy spirit.
- rosamma varghese [Posted On : 22-Jan-2013 07:16 PM]
Most Holy Mother Mary,intercede before our Lord for the grace of good health for my children and grand children and protection for them against all evils and dangers in life.
- V J Cyriac [Posted On : 22-Jan-2013 03:42 PM]
Please pray for us.Pray for me to get a good job in Pune.I have lost my job last 1.5 years.Pray for my wife and daughter.Pray for my Health and Family.
- Paul [Posted On : 31-Dec-2012 07:01 AM]
Ente muthiamme njagalkkuvendi prarthikkene and bless us pray for get away all difficulties facing in our families, removing all bad spirits. our daugther is getting married in Jan.2013 in your church at kuravilangadu so abundantly shower blessings upon them to lead a good ideal couple life with gift of children, good job. we are aspiring for constructing a home at ancestral land so help us amme for smooth moving in all respects. I am suffering from some throat problems a surgery is needed. You are a miracle doer throughout my life. So I submit everything in your feet. Spl. pray for us for everything.
- valsamma [Posted On : 06-Dec-2012 04:52 PM]
പരിശുദ്ധ മാതാവേ ഞങ്ങളുടെ പ്രാര്‍ത്ഥന കേട്ട്, ഞങ്ങളുടെ ആഗ്രഹം പോലെ നല്ല ഒരു കുഞ്ഞിനെ ഞങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് ദാനമായി തരണേ. ഞങ്ങളുടെ ജീവിതം ധന്യമാക്കണേ.. എല്ലാം അവിടുത്തെ ഹിതം പോലെ നടത്തേണമേ... ആമേന്‍
- Jai [Posted On : 04-Dec-2012 10:13 AM]
Holy Mary ,kindly pray for my son Anand who is studying in 10th Std. and he is very very weak in studies. I'am sure that St. Mary's (Muthyamma) intercession prayer for my son can relieve him from all troubles and will get more improvement in studies
- Alex George [Posted On : 19-Nov-2012 04:24 PM]
ende kuravilangadu amme ende pravarthy kondu mattullavarku oru vedanayum undakaruthe,ende navine niyanthrikkan enne sahayikkane,mattullavarude nanma mathram kanan enikku sahayam tharane.alochichu pravarthikanulla budhi tharane.mattullavarude karyangalil edapedathe avarude kuttangal mathram kanathe ellam nannavan pratrthikan sahayikane. amme eniku vendi prarthikane
- reena [Posted On : 17-Nov-2012 11:34 PM]
ende kuravilangad amme ende kudumbathinuvendi gnan prarthikunnu.gnangalku randu penkuttikalanu ullathu,oru mon venamennu agrahikkunnu,ende joliyude karyam sariyakkitharane.kadangal ellam veetan oru vazhi kanichu tharaname. kuravilangadu muthyamme gnanglku vendi apekshikaname.ammen
- reena [Posted On : 17-Nov-2012 11:29 PM]
ente muthiyamme ella thadassangalum matti ircon registration kittanum joli kittanum ennnae anugrahikkaname.
- tesmi joice [Posted On : 14-Nov-2012 05:59 AM]
amme ente kudumbathinte kashtathakalum kada bathythakalum mattuvanayi enikku oru nalla joli seri akkitharename
- reghunath [Posted On : 02-Nov-2012 09:05 PM]
Kuravilangadu muthiyamme Njangalude nilachu poya varumanamargam punasthapichu tharaname .. Njangalude sambathika badhthyathakal theerkanum, njangalku kittanulla cash kitty athu njangalku upakarappettu veedu undakan idayakaname.. athu pole njangal ippol thudangiyirikkunna business nannayi varuvanum muthiyammayude anugraham undakaname... Mathave enneyum ente kudumbatheyum kathu kollenaname.
- Sindhu [Posted On : 06-Oct-2012 10:40 AM]
Hai, plz pray for my family.. My father is a farmer. My mother is a hosewife. My sister is in covent(LSDP KUNAMTHANAM) her 1st profession will be held on next year. I am studing degree. Financial problems.!..!...! My studies.... I dn't knw what next.!!!!! Plz stronly pray for me...... God bls u all....
- Antony James [Posted On : 26-Sep-2012 05:28 PM]
പരിശുദ്ധ ദൈവമാതാവേ, ഞങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് വേണ്ടി പ്രാര്‍ഥിക്കേണമേ.
- Augustine [Posted On : 23-Sep-2012 10:12 PM]
Muthiyamme, enikku uddeshikkuna joli kittan anugrahikkename....
- Sherin [Posted On : 17-Sep-2012 11:46 PM]
i am a final year degree student, please do pray to complete my B.COM C.A. degree to fruitful and joyfull. my eye sight is reduced so please pray my good health
- joseph g babu [Posted On : 17-Sep-2012 09:04 AM]
ente mathave ente business nannai ente ella kadangalum veedaname
- shaji [Posted On : 07-Sep-2012 12:52 PM]
Muthiyamme, I need visa and job in Kuwait. Please pray for me. Baby
- Baby [Posted On : 07-Sep-2012 12:45 PM]
Ente Ammae ante prayer kekkaname. ente husbandinu vendiyum ante daughterinu vendium njan prathikunnu. ente husband gulfil jobinu vendi 2nd Septemberil oru Interviewinu poyi. A company nalla salary offer cheythittu ante husbandine jobinu vilikkan sahayikkanamae. Mathave prathana kekkname.
- Sonia [Posted On : 05-Sep-2012 10:21 PM]
i am in the final year of degree college . please do pray that i complete my degree with flying colours ad do a good job
- mathew [Posted On : 01-Sep-2012 11:41 PM]
amme ente chettanu nalla oru joli bangaloril nalkaname
- shinta [Posted On : 01-Sep-2012 12:35 PM]
amme ente chettanu nalla oru joli bangaloril nalkaname
- shinta [Posted On : 01-Sep-2012 12:32 PM]
to pass canadian nursing exam muthiyamme kaniyane
- raji tomy [Posted On : 01-Sep-2012 12:02 AM]
please pray for my IELTES result which is going to be published on 7th sept
- DALY JOSEPH [Posted On : 30-Aug-2012 06:52 PM]
Amme we r starting new shop for aluminium fabrication .we need your blessing .pray for us
- Sumesh [Posted On : 28-Aug-2012 07:16 AM]
amme RN licence vendi prarthikkunnu..
- drc [Posted On : 28-Aug-2012 04:31 AM]
amme mathave enikku ministry il joli kittannathinayi kaniyename.
- priya [Posted On : 08-Aug-2012 12:14 AM]
Please pray for ESHA NAIR- blood cancer patient of 1 year old baby under treatment in amritha hospital, cochin. She is in critical stage. Please pray for her.
- Linta Martin [Posted On : 31-Jul-2012 10:56 AM]
asmmayal buthimuttunna kunju enna 7 years old girl asmma purnnamayum marikittunnathinnu i c u vil annu
- jais [Posted On : 13-Jun-2012 11:44 AM]
please pray for to fulfill with Holy Spirit.
- jais [Posted On : 13-Jun-2012 07:45 AM]
Amme mathave pray for my family for compleating our house construction started recently . We are in trouble due to insfficient funds.
- AntonyC.J. [Posted On : 09-Jun-2012 02:00 PM]
amme mathave enik exam nallathupole ezhuthanulla anugraham nalkename
- JOSEBENANCE [Posted On : 26-May-2012 07:27 PM]
Ente muthiyamme eniku nashtapettupoya dairyavum vishudhiyam nalki jeevithathilek thirichu varan enik vendi prarthikaname.
- BINESH JACOB [Posted On : 29-Apr-2012 02:17 PM]
Ente Mathave Njangalkku oru kunjine tharaname
- sreeja suresh [Posted On : 27-Apr-2012 11:10 AM]
Pray for me to get a good job in Pune.I have lost my job for last 6 months.Pray for my wife.Pray for my daughter for her studies and health.Pray for my health.Pray for my family.
- PAUL VARGHESE [Posted On : 20-Apr-2012 09:52 AM]
ende muthiyammae enikku nalla oru family visa olla oru joli vendi nzhaan prarthikunnu eniku vendi eeshoyodu madhyastham vahichu prarthikanae aamae. ende baaryakum molum nalla arogyathinum padanathinum prarthikunnu
- Francis Alexander [Posted On : 19-Apr-2012 07:10 PM]
kudumbathil samadanavum swastadayayum bharyaude samsayam marikkittanum sambathika buddimuttukalil ninnum kada baddyadayil ninnum mochanam labikkanum vendi kuravilangadu muthiyamme prarthikaname
- shijukurian [Posted On : 17-Apr-2012 05:32 PM]
Pray for me to get a good job in Pune.I have lost my job for last 4 months.Pray for my wife.Pray for my daughter for her studies and health.Pray for my health.Pray for my family.
- PAUL VARGHESE [Posted On : 10-Mar-2012 05:18 PM]
My muthiame!!!!! pray for my family & my anger , ego , hurt , criticize , arguement , fear and quarrel..... please help me.
- sheela jose [Posted On : 27-Feb-2012 11:39 PM]
Entae muthiyammae,entae prarthana angu ketu.eniku 3rd yr nsg examinu angu nalla vijayam nalki.thanks ma
- Deepa Baby [Posted On : 27-Feb-2012 09:25 PM]
Request your prayers to Mother Mary for her assistance in getting the job which I have been expecting for a long time.
- Biju poulose [Posted On : 27-Feb-2012 04:04 PM]
Pray for me to get a good job in Pune.I have lost my job for last 4 months.Pray for my wife.Pray for my daughter for her studies and health.Pray for my health.Pray for my family.
- PAUL VARGHESE [Posted On : 27-Feb-2012 03:11 PM]
Mathave after almost 9.5 years of wait we were now blessed with twin babies (1 boy & 1 girl). Kindly bless our childrens Master Siril & Kumari Sera Saji George.
- Saji George [Posted On : 22-Feb-2012 07:28 PM]
Pray for me to get a good job in Pune.I have lost my job for last 4 months.Pray for my wife.Pray for my daughter for her studies and health.Pray for my health.Pray for my family.
- PAUL VARGHESE [Posted On : 10-Feb-2012 11:10 AM]
Pray for my daughter.Pray for my back pain problem.Pray for my family.
- Sandhya Sonwane [Posted On : 02-Feb-2012 12:11 PM]
Pray for me to get a good job in Pune.I have lost my job for last 4 months.Pray for my wife.Pray for my daughter for her studies and health.Pray for my health.Pray for my family.
- PAUL VARGHESE [Posted On : 02-Feb-2012 12:07 PM]
Pray for my husband to get a new job soon. Please pray for him to get a good job. Pray for my daughter health and her studies.Pray for my health.Pray for my family.
- Sapna Paul [Posted On : 02-Feb-2012 12:05 PM]
Amme Mathave enikku makkale nalki anugrahikkane. Amma thirukumaranodu njagalkuvendi madhyadham vahikkane
- Joby Thomas [Posted On : 31-Jan-2012 10:59 AM]
oru kunjinu vendi kuravilangad muttiyammayodu prarthikunnu.
- aneesh joseph [Posted On : 31-Jan-2012 08:55 AM]
oru kunjinu vendi kuravilangad muttiyammayodu prarthikunnu.
- aneesh joseph [Posted On : 31-Jan-2012 08:53 AM]
nalla joli kittan apeshikunnu
- joseph [Posted On : 30-Jan-2012 11:28 PM]
Entai mathava njakalvendi prathikanai... Ellay ariyunna mathavai.. please help our family member. Help my husband to carry out his business in a better way so that there will be a way for us to go forward.Entai mathava eppol our child is so adjusting.. please help her to be in the same way always and to be a adjusting child..
- Jansi [Posted On : 30-Jan-2012 12:24 PM]
My son Rithin Santhosh age 12 is suffering under allergy [esenophelia] from 2 yrs now.please pray for his perfect cure santhosh varghese
- santhosh varghese [Posted On : 30-Jan-2012 11:33 AM]
Ente Muthiyamme... My Mother,please pray for me,my sisters and my mum and dad as we have been suffering from cough and cold since 1 month.I am very sure that you could heal us.
- Nayana Robin [Posted On : 29-Jan-2012 06:27 PM]
Muthiyamme.... Could you please help me to get my Australian registration as early as possible.I entrust everything to your Immaculate heart.
- Betcy Robin [Posted On : 29-Jan-2012 06:13 PM]
mother mary pray for me..im suffering various illness for past 4 yrs..i need ur help pray for me
- resmi [Posted On : 28-Jan-2012 11:16 AM]
Eantae mathavae njan nurse ayi ils hospitals agartala yil work cheayyunnu eantae koodae joly cheayyunna eallavarkum evidae varunna patientsinum veandi prayer cheayyanamae
- bipin haridas [Posted On : 27-Jan-2012 03:04 PM]
please pray for my husband to get a new job soon as early as possible. Amma ente prathana kekkane.
- sonia [Posted On : 27-Jan-2012 01:52 PM]
entae mathavae naduvadana mattitharanamae,enikkoru puthiya jolitharanamae
- sandhya [Posted On : 16-Jan-2012 10:37 AM]
1. Ente Mathave Njangalkku oru kunjine tharaname 2. Ente Mathave Bharthavinte Madyapanam Poornamayum Mattitharaname 3. Enikku Oru Sthiram Joli tharaname vinayapoorvam mathavinte prarthana sahayam apekshikkunu
- LATHIKA P K [Posted On : 11-Jan-2012 12:38 PM]
Please pray for me ca result which will be declared on 15th jan 2012
- Aju Alex [Posted On : 06-Jan-2012 04:40 PM]
enaiku veandi prayer cheyyanae i m working in agartala as nurse
- bipin [Posted On : 01-Jan-2012 10:18 PM]
Pray for my husband to get a new job soon. He is in dubai now. Due to Recession he lost his job. He have to find a job before january 18, 2012. Please pray for him to get a good job.
- Sonia [Posted On : 27-Dec-2011 08:51 PM]
Pls. pray for my husband for relief of illness
- Geeta Anand [Posted On : 19-Dec-2011 03:53 PM]
Pray for me to get a good Job
- Rahul [Posted On : 02-Dec-2011 04:24 PM]
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